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Thank-you Doctors

downloadIf anyone deserves respect and appreciation, doctors do for life.
Even though they poke a few needles and put you under the knife.

Right from their youth, they study and slog hard.
Just to grow up and become people’s life guard.

While most of us go work for our pride and dignity.
All they are bothered about is giving it back to the society.

It might be true that doctors take ages to settle.
But it is a profession for people with a strong mind and mettle.

You need a cardiologist and not love when things are wrong with your heart.
Dealing with a live heart is nothing short of a spectacular art.

Not just humans, doctors treat beings right from a whale to a swine.
No wonder the profession of a doctor is rightly considered to be divine.

Someone who needs a special mention here is a nurse.
Who looks after you when you think falling ill is a curse.

An ode to all doctors. Thank you for what you do.


By: N. P. S. Siddharth

E: [email protected]

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