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Tharoor attacks on UP Govt – Spends crores on Advertisements

Shashi Tharoor has called the Gorakhpur hospital tragedy as an ‘unforgivable act’,today and wanted a strict action against the accused who is responsible for this major tragedy. He also unleashed attacks on the Uttar Pradesh government of sheer negligence. While the Govt has denied the allegations that the bills were not cleared and that one should not speak anything at their will without getting to know about the factual information, the previous supplier of oxygen cylinders to the hospital has expressed hs wish to supply 100 cylinders at free of cost.

The event has also led to the suspension of the Hospital Head by the Uttar Pradesh Government and the CM himself is expected to visit the hospital who will be apprised of the situation by the ministers and other officials.

Tharoor who is in Trivndrum said, “Frankly, this is a terrible situation which shocked the country. The vulnerable members of our society are suffering because of the negligence and the bills not paid by the UP government.” He also added “This (UP government) is presenting crores on advertising and not paying the bill. This is not forgivable,This should be pinned”. he said

Tharoor also wanted to find out as to why is the Health Minister Siddharth Nath Singh being spared despite such a major disaster? and said that the country’s priority is clearly revealed through this incident that despite attaining Independence, the situation has not improved especially in the health care sector which has been under the control of the Government.

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