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Tharoor on Sunanda case – will cooperate with authorities NOT publicity seekers

Shashi Tharoor, the embattled Congress leader and ex Minister has said that he is always ready to give his fullest cooperation in the ongoing mysterious death of his wife Sunanda Pushkar. Tharoor was accused of conspiring to kill her since she came to know about the secrets of the incumbent leader. The news earlier had even connected Tharoor with a Pakistani journalist who is believed to have been used as a honey trap.

While speaking at an event in Bengaluru, Tharoor said that he is not obliged to answer all or co-operate with those who do things just for the sake of gaining publicity. 

“No one in this country can be more anxious than me to see the conclusion of this issue. I will cooperate with authorities and not with obstreperous and publicity seeking attempts by others,” said Tharoor.

Tharoor’s step son, Shiv Menon who has moved the Delhi High Court demanding time-bound court-monitored investigation into his mother’s mysterious death, which would mostly be coming for the hearing by today.  Menon opined that Subramaniam Swamy who has filed the petition has done so, not to get justice but to seek his own publicity which has prompted Swamy to say “He (Shiv Menon) doesn’t want me to proceed with the case. It is for the court to decide whether I am giving important facts or not. The Delhi Police council even said that I come to the court with facts that have heavy weightage.”

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