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The 5 Most Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When It Comes To Their Personal Style

Let’s get real. You are no Mark Zuckerberg. Hoodies and t-shirts aren’t going to get you to land that big client or get you noticed by the Angel Investors.

We would all like to believe that how we look and how we dress doesn’t impact the level of personal or professional success we receive in life. And though we would like to believe such a thing, we also know how fundamentally wrong we are.

Studies after studies show that your outward appearance directly affects your ability to influence others and create income producing relationships. On this week’s episode Apple Tv’s Brandpreneur™ Network’s show Fix My Brand With Ali Craig®, host and 20-year luxury Neuro Human Branding veteran, Ali Craig chats with personal branding expert, Sandy Hapoienu ( about the 5 most common mistakes entrepreneurs make when it comes to their personal style.

“Your personal brand isn’t just a reflection of you. It is a reflection of how you see the world, yourself, and your work.” Craig says “ Plus people don’t realize that your style is just as much of a branding tool as it  is a mindset tool for your ultimate success.”

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