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Tuesday , 25 June 2019
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The Amazon Festive Home

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A makeover that’s attractive, easy on the pocket and effortless. Sounds too good to be true? Well, that’s exactly what the first-of-its-kind Amazon Festive Home offering is all about. Walk through the Home’s multiple rooms and experience for yourself, how every nook and corner of the Home is done up with a product that’s sold on Amazon! From quirky wallpaper and wall art to garden accessories, from chic and classy home décor to geeky gadgets, latest smartphones and Alexa-controlled smart lighting, TV and appliances; from traditional Indian handlooms & handicrafts to modern murals; from state-of-the art home appliances to exquisite sofas, beds, ottomans and recliners; from apparel, shoes, to bags and jewelry; from grocery, daily essentials to bath accessories and luxury beauty products – welcome to the tour that redefines your shopping journey!

With over 1000+ products from 100+ brands in the “Festive Home”, the home showcases that there is something for everyone and for every budget! Leading space stylists and interior designers Amber Singh Tikari and Preeti Subhash, have given each room a theme-based décor to highlight the variety in products offered by sellers across a wide range of categories and the brands available on So on the one hand, while the Family Lounge has a contemporary Indo-Western look, the ethnic and artsy Drawing Room decorated with original Tanjore paintings, reflects the other end of the spectrum. From a Kitchen that has all the latest gadgets, to a messy yet creative Children’s Room and a chic and stylized Master Bedroom, this Festive Home is a testimony to how Amazon caters to very small of needs of a home. And for those who love nature, the home showcases a pretty little garden furnished with live plants, fresh flowers, garden accessories, garden furniture all bought from 

With a wide range of products across all price bands and suitable to all tastes, the Amazon Festive Home reiterates the fact that when shopping this festive season all you need is just a click away on

Welcome to the Amazon Festive Home!

Ground Floor – The Ground Floor portrays a beautiful blend of traditional and contemporary art, to reflect the vibrant Indian culture. It has been styled with classic furniture and decor pieces with rich jute tones. The array of of Indian art from Tanjore paintings to brocade cushions to traditional showpieces in Brass and contemporary metal art add an Indian touch to the room, while the luxurious furniture adds a modern dimension.

Family Lounge and Work Area – The first floor lounge hits a sweet spot with its calming pink walls and reflects an eclectic mix of styles and trends. With colourful canvas paintings adorning the walls and furniture pieces with deep rich Turkish tones adding a warm effect, the space transforms into a cozy floor where the family sits together to unwind. Light curtains are used to bring in light and liveliness. The different textures and pieces used on the floor – be it a jute rug, velvet couch or the chest block-print effect drawers are handpicked from the expansive collection on to make the floor easy on the eyes.

Master bedroom: The focus in this bedroom has been on the functionality of the space. More thought has been put on the efficient use of storage and features that will be used on daily basis. The Chesterfield bed placed in the room gives a modern touch to the room, while the green walls bring in freshness to create an aura of calm and ease.  

The Daughter’s Room: This room is meant to resonate with a teenage girl aged 13 or so and so has a touch of drama, splash of colours and perky patterns . The airy structure of the room adds to the simplicity and the light furniture and creative storage pieces draws attention of beautiful artwork that gives the room a calming yet lively vibe. The playful element is captured in the flowery yet graphically artistic designs of the hand-picked articles bought from to furnish this room.

Son’s room – This room is a wonderland for boys. The football theme is run all over the room – right from the lights to the bed sheets and toys. The room is airy, lively and filled with playful colours. The room has been designed for a seven year old boy, and is aptly adorned with posters, comics and toys.

Guest Room: Designed with products from Amazon’s Kala Haat program, the room gives a sneak peek into the rich handloom and handicrafts of India. From Dhokra art, Madhubani paintings to textiles from Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, the guest room is designed with bringing back lost Indian art.

Tech Studio: An eye catching wall paper and a graphic Ed Sheeran lamp add verve to this room and the shades of charcoal and a monochromatic palette give it that slightly formal and official look. It is the technology epicenter of the house and is equipped with the latest Alexa devices, and Alexa-controlled  Philips smart lighting, AC and TV as well as the latest range of smartphones from The graphical elements like the wallpaper and the graphic lamp to take the vogue element a few notches higher.

Kitchen: The Kitchen, being the homemaker’s arsenal, is modern and is fully equipped with all the latest appliances to make the battle against hunger an easy win. It is sufficiently stocked with groceries and confectionary, all of which has been sourced from It displays an array of products from leading brands across India.

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