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The Growth of Gaming Startups in India

There is no doubt that there is huge potential in the gaming market in India right now. Gaming is one of the main forms of entertainment in the country and it’s hugely popular, especially amongst the under 25s who are the largest demographic in the country.

Software providers like online casino specialists NetEnt are providing the online gaming experiences that the Indian community is looking for. Less well known startup companies are also taking advantage of the growing gaming industry in the country. They are creating innovative solutions to secure their share of the market.

Gaming startups in India

The investment in these Indian gaming startups has been substantial. Between 2014 and 2019,  $337 million venture capital funding was invested in gaming startups. The top-funded of these startups was Dream11 with total funding of $100 million. This is a huge amount of investment in startups that have already begun to disrupt and revolutionise the industry.

The biggest difference that Indian gaming startups are making is the introduction of innovative platforms. They have found a new way to engage their audience and keep them on-board.

For instance, Gamezop integrates the games that it provides inside apps that are popular. These games are created by a wide range of third-party developers. Currently, there are more than 250 of these games available which means that Gamezop enthusiasts are not short of choice. This is a big deal for gamers in the country which is why Gamezop seems set to disrupt the market with its innovative platform solution.

Dream11, the gaming startup that has received the highest amount of investment, also has a novel approach to attracting an audience. The aim is to combine fantasy gaming with many of the most popular sports around. Users put their sports knowledge to use to achieve success. This knowledge can involve many popular sports including cricket, football and horse racing.

What the startups are trying to do

The gaming market in India is crowded. For this reason it’s important for startups to disrupt the market and make their presence felt. The best way to do this is not necessarily by creating a game that is better than others. Although, doing this can obviously be beneficial.

More important to most startups is the ability to make good quality games available to more people who use a mobile device. This is where most of the big money is, in the gaming market.

In addition to benefiting themselves, by securing growth and profit, gaming startups can make a real change in the lives of gamers. This is due to the fact that gaming has the potential to improve the cognitive abilities of players. This in turn can help players develop a gaming career which provides them with a significant form of income. There is liable to be higher visibility of these careers as the Indian gaming industry continues to grow. This can only be good news for the Indian economy overall.






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