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We have to do this, We have to do that

Something or the other every time

Not ready to spend even a single minute from our precious time

To observe something mesmerizing which touches our heart

Something which is around us everywhere

Something we see but never appreciate.

Where there is lush greenery

Where you find flowers blossoming

Where you see birds chirruping

Where you find peace and tranquility

Something as beautiful as anything

Our beloved nature!

We appreciate everything

The ugliest of the ugly

The smallest of the small

But when it comes to nature

We are all silent and muted

No one wishes to appreciate it

Even when it’s the best thing of beauty!

Let us together appreciate it

Let us together appreciate something worthy enough

Appreciate it by caring for it

Appreciate it by preserving it

And appreciate it by believing it to be heaven on earth.

Let us see nature as we have seen it like never before

Let us feel its essence

Before all of it vanishes by human greed

Let us for once appreciate the hidden beauty – Our beloved nature!


By: Abhishek Agarwal

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