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The ILL-Effects of Lead Poisoning & how it can be combatted

In many countries of the world including India, lead poisoning is resulting in slow death and is affecting thousands of people across generations and cities. Effects of lead poisoning can take months and years to appear. The poisoning from Lead occurs when the chemical element accumulates in the body over a period of time and enters the blood streams.

A small dose of lead can cause severe health implication and can affect young children, newborn and older adults. Some known side effects of Lead exposure are –

  • Abdominal pain

  • Impotency

  • Cognitive impairment

  • Anemia & Seizures

  • Memory problems

  • Headache

  • Mood Swings

  • Development delays in childrenScreenshot_2017-02-27-10-46-29-845

Instances of chronic lead poisoning may also result in death or even put an individual in a state of coma. However, the good news is that the effects of lead poisoning can be reversed and treated. Having stated that, it is imperative to identify and eliminate the sources of lead in our environment. Remember this is the first line of defense to safeguard and protect our health.

Primary sources of Lead poisoning in our environment are summarized as under:

  • Contaminated Air & Water

  • Dust

  • Food

  • Consumer Products

  • Hazardous Working Conditions

The most common source of lead poisoning is the consumption of contaminated drinking water and air pollution.

A survey conducted by “Quality Council of India” revealed the following alarming facts about the presence of lead in water-

  • 33% of over 370 samples of water from the top 26 cities in India tested positive for lead

  • Out of this 31 % of samples failed to satisfy the WHO standards of lead content of less than 10 ppb or parts per billion

  • While 2% of the samples failed to meet the Indian standard of 50 ppb

But how does lead makes way into the water sources around us?

Lead enters drinking water in our homes through PVC pipes. At the same time, contaminated air and soil can also increase the level of lead in the groundwater. Reckless disposal of electronic items (that contain lead and lithium) allows the seepage of harmful chemical in the soil that leads to the contamination of groundwater and other water sources in our city.

How to combat the effects of Lead in our environment?

Water –

To combat and protect your family from the woes of Pb poisoning, it is highly imperative to install a water purifier at home from reliable and trustworthy brands like Kent.

Depending upon the source of water supplied to our homes, the overhead taken can be contaminated with viruses, chemicals, pesticides and other biological impurities. Advanced water purifier system at home from brands like Kent will help remove all types of contaminants and heavy metals from the water efficiently.

Besides eliminating harmful chemicals and viruses from the water, water purifier system is driven by RO technology also retain essential nutrients in the water. This makes the water pristine and also superior in taste.


Air pollution due to Lead is again a severe concern. The level of lead in the air depends on and varies from one area to the other. Areas close to factories that manufacture lead batteries and aviation fuel refineries may contain higher levels of lead in the environment. Additionally, improper disposal of electronic items at a junkyard or landfill may also contribute towards the presence of lead in the environment.

Breathing contaminated air can be very dangerous and result in neurological problems and cardiovascular diseases in both young and old. To reduce the presence of lead in the environment, chemical industries should follow stringent norms and should dispose of industrial waste in safe and reliable manner.

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