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The Judge Group India to utilize AI technology for their hiring and recruitment processes

25th February 2019::  Achieving another milestone in its journey in India, The Judge Group, the leading professional services firm recently announced the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in its hiring and recruiting processes. With the generous support and constant guidance of Mr. Martin Judge Jr, Chairman of Judge Group and Mr. Abhishek Agarwal, Senior Vice President of Judge India, the company’s AI tech-based systems have not just simplified hiring processes from sorting resumes to scheduling interviews but have gone few steps ahead of others.  These futuristic systems assist the company in scouring the internet and unearthing publicly available information on any possible candidates, including scanning their Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles, and more.

According to Mr. Abhishek Agarwal, Senior Vise President of Judge India “The AI led systems will open up a wider range of talents to tap by an organization and within the least amount of time.  As the companies approve and reject suggestions made by the AI algorithms, the system adapts to the choices and fine-tunes the further results accordingly. But, the highlight is these programs are there just to provide all the desired information and assist in finding the relevant employee pick for the company. So, while the technology is getting the tedious task of searching and ranking the ideal choices done, the HR managers of our company will further help a firm in deciding on the best choice of employee for them.”

The AI encrypted platforms of The Judge Group India scans all profiles with smooth precision to match every candidate to a company’s search requirements and past hiring patterns. For best results, the Judge’s hiring team will work closely with the employer to feed in the ideal candidate profiles in the system. After gathering all the required information, the platform ranks to the potential hires as per the client’s requirement for a particular job role- much like how Google ranks search results for a user’s query.

Founded in 1970, The Judge Group is headquartered in Wayne, Pennsylvania (US) and has various offices in 35 locations in the US, Canada, China, and India. Being an internationally acclaimed organization, it offers a varied range of professional services across three significant verticals— Technology, Talent, and Learning Solutions. The Judge Group set up its offices in Noida, India in 2016 with a vision to help businesses grow by delivering better IT solutions and IT recruiting services. 

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