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the mother

the mother newspatrollingThe poem is about the mother. In the course of our life she has given us a lot to be a better human being in a way or other. Her sacrifices showed the love she has for us, her compromises tell how much we children are important to her. Definitely there are cases when we are wrong but she will take a stand for us in front of all and will tell us our faults during face to face talk.

A short poem for the learnings I perceived from my mother and my love for her 🙂

As strong the roots of tree, so as you hold ‘WE’,

As brightening the rising sun, so we feel under you ‘Our Deity’,

As spacious the galaxies, so the understanding we do build,

As fresh the morning breeze, so fresh and pure love we perceive,

As the clock ticks patiently to complete 24, you told us how to be remain like that though being alone,

As the volcano erupts suddenly, you told how to endure anger internally,

Being unselfish and showing kindness is the only attribute that  goes along,

As strong as rock remain in turbulence, is what you taught us to be in bad circumstance,

As soothing the enchanting music is, so lovable HER voice is,

From eating tempting food, all gossips we do, to the worldly pleasures I enjoyed with you, I HONOR and LOVE you,

Cherishing the moments spent with you, remembering every little talks we used to do, I send you my LOVE, CARE and BLESSINGS is all I can do,

Following your Footsteps I promise you, I will never let you down is the only way to repay a little to you,


and making me a Good Human Being too .


By: Arushi Kharbanda

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