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The need of calcium in our body

Our body loses calcium everyday through skin, hair, nails, sweat, feces and urine. Therefore, it becomes even more important to maintain the calcium deposits in the body from outside sources in the form of healthy and fresh food items. You should add more calcium in your diet to be able to meet the daily calcium requirement. However, the amount of calcium you consume must depend on the age group you fall in.

The amount of calcium you may need daily depends on several factors including age, gender and health. While it is best to get the required amount of calcium from food, you can also get it from supplements. Try to get the recommended daily amount of calcium from food first and then from supplements only.

Your daily need of calcium can be met through dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt. Besides, calcium can also be found naturally in some plants like broccoli, kale and Chinese cabbage. There are some foods like orange juice and breakfast cereals which contain added calcium.

If you experience trouble in getting sufficient calcium in your diet, it is advisable to take a calcium supplement. The amount of calcium supplement you need completely depends on the amount of calcium you obtain from food sources. Calcium is better absorbed by the body when taken in small doses like 500 mg or even less in a day. It can be seen in many cases that calcium supplements are better absorbed when taken with food.

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