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The need to detox after festivities

Festivals in India are hugely celebrated with fun, grandeur, get together, and the most important a wide range of delicacies. We tend to eat so much on the festival days that we, in a way, go a bit too far from normal. And this results in an imbalance in our digestive systems. Even if it does not show physically, our bodies does feel affected by it.


Hence, once should be cautious about the intake of too much food on such days. In case you could not control you will, below are some ways in which you can detox your body after festivities:

1. Start your day by drinking warm water with half a lemon squeezed in or a cleansing herb tea

2. Say goodbye to empty calories, sugar laden foods including soft drinks, ice cream anything that contains sucrose, or high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners

3. Keep chopped raw vegetables handy for any pre-meal munchies, dip them in hummus or raw almond butter for an extra nutrient boost

4.  Include fruits and vegetables with a low-glycemic index, and make a point of eating different types and colors. Have at least one salad per day with dark green leaves

5. Start your meal with some raw foods to get your enzymes going and your digestive system primed


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