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The person is lying!

Lying is a trick which someone people plays very well. And… it is not in your hand to be in company of a liar. The worst part of dealing with a liar is that you can never tell if you are dealing with a liar. Below are some signs that will make you figure out if a person is lying to you.

Speaking too much:
Again, it won’t happen always but sometimes when you talk to a liar, they will start blabbering right after they have lied. They tend to over talk after a lie, so that your focus is off the lie that they have just sold you.

Word game:
While lying, a liar will always use phrases like “To my knowledge…” or “I heard…” or “As far as I know…”, so that in case the reality surfaces, they can save themselves. They will pin it all on the non-existent sources. They will right away say, “This is what I heard, I never verified.”

Eye Contact:
Not always and not every liar would avoid eye-contact but usually you will find a liar avoiding direct eye-contact while lying. It is not a sure shot sign but surely a liar will try to avoid looking in eyes when they are lying about something.

Shaky legs:
It has been noticed that when someone lies, they keep on shaking their legs slightly as they are nervous from within.

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