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The Prodigy Kid who knows 400 Languages

Have you ever thought how many languages exist around us? Whatever the case is, meet the prodigy kid Mahmood Akram who has mastered 400 languages and he knows to read and write. His IQ is equivalent that of Bill Gates.

The guy who resides in Vyasarpadi,Chennai was born to Abdul Hameed who himself is versed with various languages and he got attracted by it. Having seen the kid’s interest, his father taught him Tamil Brahmi,Granth etc., Seeing his interest in the language, his parents made him to study only the linguistics exclusively and since he is well versed in Hebrew, he was allowed to join an University in Israel and he is learning through them online. He knows close to 300,000 words from other languages and can learn a new language in 2 to 4 days max. He is versed in Spanish, German, French,Japanese and Arabic among others and says that Chinese, Thai and Korean languages are difficult to learn.

This kid does not eat broiler chicken, broiler egg, white sugar, refined oils and does not drink tea, coffee and thrives on millets and natural drinks.

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