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Thursday , 27 June 2019
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The rising instances of Asthma and treatment with Ayurveda


Every second person in the world is likely to be suffering from Asthma. About 25 million people in America undergo Asthmatic allergy and the rate of occurrence has increased about 28 percent in just 10 years. The worst-hit section of the population belongs to the age group of 5-12 years. The reasons behind this may be multiple; pollution, change in climate, change in flora and fauna, exposure of the body to new food items, etc. may result in increasing incidences of Asthma. There are a number of treatment methods that can be approached, but the problem with these is that the drugs can cause dependency and dosage saturation. Therefore, you must seek an alternative that has least of no side effects on your health while curing Asthma completely. Ayurveda is the perfect solution to opt for.

Here are some Asthma treatments mentioned in the ancient text:

  • Vasaka or Malabar nut

The extracts of the Vasa leaf have immediate relieving effects on Asthma attack. It boosts up the immunity and helps to fight with the allergen that causes inflammation. It is a traditional herb that heals the tissues, removes cough, normalizes the breath and eases breathing. Prolonged use of the medicine cures chronic Asthma to the core.

  • Pushkarmula

The herb grown in high mountains finds its use in eliminating imbalance of Kapha and Vata. Mix the rhizome powder with warm water and consume twice a day. All the signs and symptoms of Asthma, like breathlessness, increased anxiety, fever, body ache, and chest pain disappear as soon as you intake the medicine. Actions of this herb are supported by over 350 medical journals.

  • Yashtimadhu

The use of Himalayan herb Yashtimadhu in the treatment of Asthma is reported since the ages of Vedas and has also been backed by numerous scientific journals. Consumption of YashtimadhuChurna with honey thrice a day, without any miss, uproots the problem of chronic Asthma.

  • Licorice

The extracts of this underground root exert excellent effects on the functions of steroid hormones in the human body. Glycyrrhizin and Glycyrrhetinic acid found in the extracts reduces the muscle spasms and tension; thus reducing breathlessness and strain on chest muscles. Licorice powder with warm water or Licorice tea at least twice a day is advisable.

  • Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil has potent anti-inflammatory actions that stabilize the tissues and regulates the activity of immune cells that become active due to the presence of allergens. The activation of such cells results in the release of Histamine and the symptoms of Asthma. Put a few drops of oil in hot boiling water and vape it. You may also use a diffuser in the room or dry vape it. Effects of the oil can be felt in only a few seconds of inhalation.

Asthmatic attacks can show up at any moment of the day or season. It is better to take Ayurvedic precautions beforehand and be stress-free.

BY: Sushma Tiwary, Doctor at , Ahmedabad

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