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The Soviet Union provided cash secretly to Congress: CIA

4786830961_27021a0747_o-e1481909807603As per the recently declassified documents released by the American Central Intelligence Agency, the Congress party and senior Congress party members have in the past received funds from the Soviet Union. The documents allege that more than 40% of Indira Gandhi’s MPs received funds from the Soviet Union.

The report which was titled as the Soviets in India, gave details of how the Soviet Union kept a lot of funds in Indian Rupees at their embassy for many reasons, one of which was paying off Congress politicians. The report also said that the Soviet Union sent money to Indira Gandhi in many suitcases. The Soviets had also funded the election campaigns of senior Congress leaders like defence minister V K Kirshna Menon and other senior Union Cabinet Ministers during the 1970s.

The documents also mentioned that Communist parties in India also received these funds from the Soviets. The parties were CPI and CPM. The Soviets would provide these funds as cash directly or by setting up businesses and cover them as transactions or bribe the politicians through a business.

The Soviet Union would influence Indian policies due to their continuous supply of cash. The Soviet model is described as a perfect model of infiltrating third world developing countries.

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