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Thursday , 17 January 2019
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We all know that all the kids of celebrities will lead luxurious life but they are also human that makes them too bear the pain, a hole in the heart that makes them discomfort, even though they born rich.

 The mighty “HrithikRoshan”also  knownas “Greek God Of Indian Cinema”.  We think that hehad a luxurious life because of the family background. He born rich but he felt a lot of pain in his childhood. He had a problem for which he used to bunk the classes in his school days. He desperately practised to overcome that problem, even practised more than he practised for his sharp dance moves.

He suffered from “Stammering” problem.A speech disorder which makes him difficult to speak normally. He almost overcame that problem by taking speech therapy classes daily, with this he gained a lot of confidence which we can see now in his reel as well as real life. He began to understand the pain that causes a hole in the heart.

He debuted into films in 2000th year and began to increase his fame with each passing year. He won 6 film fare awards. He is even appreciated for his acting skills, even though he suffered a lot to speak in his childhood and even it plagues him today.

I know how he made himself so strong to achieve what he is now exactly because I am suffering from Stammering from my childhood and even today I am not fully achieved to speak normally like he did in his life. He inspired me a lot that I can achieve so much in my further life.

Not only for me, he inspired so many of us. He made us to follow his way of style. He made so many impossible one’s as possible in his life. He inspired us to make a way for better life through his actions. We hope he will have a tale that never going to end in our hearts.


BY: M. Mohan Reddy

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