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Sunday , 16 June 2019
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The USA is supporting the ISIS

isis-usaTurkish President Tayyip Reccep Erdogan has said that Turkey has evidence of the United States of America helping the Islamic State or the ISIS. He said that they have evidence in the form of photos and videos to conclude that the USA was supporting the Islamic State in Syria and a few other places. He also underscored that the US was supporting Syrina Kurdish groups who were bent on creating problems in Turkey.

The US State Department has said that the claims made by President Erdogan were ludicrous and that there was no basis for truth in the President’s statements. He also said that Washington was in constant touch with Ankara and was fully committed to destroying the ISIS in Syria, Iraq and in any other place that they may be in. However, the State Department did not have anything to factually refute the evidence shown by the Turkish President.

Security analysts and former Pentagon officials have confirmed that what the Turkish President was saying was true. They said that President Erdogan has given ample evidence to prove US involvement. The US has been running secret missions in the middle east through Jordan, Turkey and Syria.

Even the Russians accused the Americans of sponsoring terrorism directly. They underscored the fact that the National Defense Authorization Act signed by President Obama keeps the possibility of sending more arms to Syria open. These arms will finally find their way to the jihadis. The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman added that America had refused to support the Russians in fighting the terrorists.

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