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These Political prophecies by ‘Nostradamus of India’ Dr Sundeep Kochar will make you believe in the power of astrology

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Time and again, staggering revelations made by India’s leading astrologer, Dr  Sundeep Kochar have left us in bafflement, as the certainty of the predictions wasn’t ever negated. When his predicted triumphs of world leaders reverberated, they further strengthened our faith in astrology and its righteous conclusions.

Known as India’s most famous astrologer, Dr Kochar has been able to correctly outline whether the ruling stars jurisdiction would lie in favour of emerging leaders or oppose them. However, one might wonder as to how do the predictions stand correct every time? To this Dr Kochar answers, “One does not have a prompt access to people’s destinies, but through strategically studying the leaders and their innate traits which define the course of political journey of a nation or world at large.”

Throughout time, countless people have aimed at becoming leaders of the free world. But their destinies are innately bounded by their nakshatras. Commenting on the political spaces and the prevailing leaders of the world, Dr Sundeep Kochar has time and again, come up with some of the most important political revelations. He takes over to his social media and has made substantial statements in the past that drew major attention. Be it the former USA elections or the recently contested LokSabha elections, major power relations were framed and reframed over 2017-2019. Glancing through the future of USA’s president, Donald Trump – who is undoubtedly one of the strongest people in the world, Dr Kochar seemed assertive about the leader’s continued dominance. He shared his insight and said, “Donald trump will emerge stronger, and will prepare for the next term again as the president of America.”

While the astrologer brought good tidings for Trump, he also dwelled in the current NaMo wave and alluded, “Narendra Modi has a strong chance of coming back to power, but there could be some mid-term turbulence in 2021 due to changes in mars Mahadasha of Modiji.”

Other astounding predictions that made the astrologer come into public eye was the 2nd term leadership of former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Unravelling some striking insights, he talked about the governance model of Dr. Manmohan Singh and indicated that beyond 2014 his rule will be a challenge. The famous astrologer also predicted about Sri AdvaniJi’s political tenure and indicated that if he does not come to power by 2009 (which was unlikely), he will slowly fade away from active politics, which, in turn, will pave way for new power relations to emerge.

Dr.Kochar, with his precise interpretations and keen vision believes that “One can understand the direction of the country’s progress and can see the winds of change through understanding the language of astrology.” His predictions on Sri Rahul Gandhi about his ability to steer and wade in politics have also proved to be profoundly accurate so far.

Dr Kochar postulated the political fate of Barack Obama- who had a glorious timeline as the former USA president, and also former Prime Minister of the UK- Theresa May. Keeping British politics awash with accurate predictions, Dr Kochar was spot on with Theresa May’s temporary sway when he said, “It will not be easy for her to pull Brexit as per the present terms, as there will be a lot of resistance within and outside her party, as her unfavourable planets produce negative implications. As for the fate of European Union, which is in the midst of political upheaval, I see a lot of new reforms and adoption of some middle path before UK is out of the European Union,” he claimed.

Through his unbiased and level-headed predictions, Dr Kochar has been able to acquaint the world with fates that brought these men to power. Being credited as ‘Nostradamus of India’ Dr Kocharbelieves that astrology has helped world see what’s on the horizon, to prepare us for the impending political event.

Hoping to bring change and positivity through his astrological contributions, Dr Kochar wishes that leaders in power will also work towards bringing change for better. “For leaders in power, I hope that their ruling planets will help them summon the trails and abilities that the world could benefit from,” he says.

Impressed by his trails of breakthrough political predictions, we had to enquire about what the astrologer thinks about the imminent Indian political dasha. Dr. Sundeep Kochar seemed optimistic and stated, “India will definitely emerge to be a greater force globally, we need to grow up sensibly above self and follow the religion of humanity by striving for peace and happiness by spreading the tradition of Indian Culture ‘VasudhaviaKutumbakam’, which translates to ‘One-world-One family. Jai Hind.”

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