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Things causing back pain at home, goes unnoticed!

Many times we claim about our backpain but never find the actual resons. Yes, sometimes just sleeping in your bed can cause you to have severe back pain.

Slippery floor:
Now, who would have thought that even your smooth flooring can cause you to have back pain? Walking on a surface where you are constantly required to adjust the grip of your toes to walk on it. Yes, if you are in constant struggle to make grip on a surface to walk, it affects your lower spine and back health.

Wrong pillow:
The most common mistake that we commit while choosing a pillow is going for a very soft one. Yes, most of us go for soft pillows, which is a very unhealthy practice because too soft pillows are not good for your spinal health but then too hard pillows are not good also. Pillow then sometimes take too high pillows or too low flat pillows, which ultimately leave the neck in an awkward angle.

if you have laptop, you will have the habit of lying down in your bed and using it. Since it is portable, many of us use it in any position as per our comfort and convenience. We even slouch sometimes while using a laptop, this just does not affect our back adversely but also our neck.

A wrong mattress:
A mattress that is either too soft or too hard is another thing that should be taken care of. We need a mattress that can support your spine properly.

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