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Things that happens when you quit sugar

Sugar is not a very healthy things to eat for anybody. I know some people really have the craving for sweet dishes and drinks, but it does not have a good effect on our body other than giving us instant energy boost. Instead one should opt for other natural swetners such as, jaggery, dates, sugar cane juice, etc.

But in case you are determined enough to quit sugar, below are the changes that you would start noticing:

1. A healthier heart – Added sugar chronically raises insulin levels, which activates the sympathetic nervous system, increasing blood pressure and heart rate. After quitting it, within a few weeks’ time, you might expect to see a 10% decrease in LDL cholesterol and a 20 to 30% decrease in triglycerides.

2. Bye bye acne. Yes, you might not know this, but added sugar in inflammatory and causes acne

3. Timely sleep. Give up added sugar, and you should be more awake and alert during the day, and also better prepared to catch some z’s come bedtime

4. You will have a sharper memory, and would be able to memorise even small details

5. Last but not the least, you would loose considerable amount of weight and take a step closer to being fitter



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