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Monday , 22 April 2019
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Things you should not do before you go for a run!

Running is an important and most basic form of exercising and keeping one fit. There are multiple factors that should be kept in mind before and after running, so that we reap maximum benefit out of it. And not just benefits, there are several things that should be avoided before running as these can harm our body very much.

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Some of the things that should be avoided before going for a run, are:

Over eating: One should not each much before going for a run. Our process of digestion get slower while we are running and does not operate as usual as exercise divert the normal blood flow to our gastro-intestinal (GI) system. So its better to eat those food which contains carbohydrate as they are easily digested.

Hydrating: One   Should avoid drinking excess of water before running  as it won’t hydrate you that quickly, in fact, it may rather leave you feel miserable with sloshing stomach. The Easy and simple way to keep you hydrated is keep sipping water at every half an hour thought the day. It should also be keep In mind that we should avoid energy drink after the run as it increase the sugar level.

Not listening to your body: Please see if you are tired enough; it’s better to take a day off. Being fit and healthy is a whole life commitment to yourself. Taking rest a preparing for one more nap is far more better than hurting yourself.

Take your time and plan yourself what’s needed most.

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