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Friday , 22 March 2019
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This country disconnected internet of people who speak English

In a development that shows the callous attitude of some leaders, the Cameroon government has banned internet in areas where people speak English. The current government is majorly a Francophone establishment, which has failed to acknowledge and respect the status of English as an official language of Cameroon. The English speaking areas in Cameroon are the north-west and south-west parts of the country. There’s constant tension between the English speaking people and French speaking people in Cameroon. In recent times, the tensions over language have intensified, with protests and strikes being conducted on the streets by lawyers and teachers.

Earlier, the current government in Cameroon had made several arrests and warned people of jail sentences for spreading rumors and unethical use of social media. The current decision to disconnect internet services is being seen as the government’s desperation against its inability to control dissent among the English speaking population of Cameroon. Protestors claim that this disconnection of internet services may not be a temporary thing and could continue for several weeks. They are afraid that it would lead to significant loss in terms of business, education, health services, etc. The move has come under sharp criticism from many countries and leaders worldwide.

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