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Tuesday , 23 April 2019
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Three men, almost 100 children- Pakistan’s story of growing population

Three Pakistani men who have fathered nearly a hundred children have done this bit for the count.

With the highest birth rate in South-Asia Pakistan sees three children per woman according to the world bank and government figures.

Gulzar Khan who has fathered 36  children said

 “God has created the entire universe and all human beings, so why should I stop the natural process of a baby’s birth?” He believes Islam prevents family planning. In North-West Pakistan, tribal enmities have goaded couples into having more strength in the family. Gulzar states categorically, “We wanted to be stronger.”

The last census in Pakistan showed a population of 135 million and the new census are to be expected up to 200 million.

Gulzar Khan’s brother has also 22 children, he says his grandchildren are too many to count 
“God has promised that he will provide food and resources but people have weak faith,” he told AFP. His views are echoed by Jan Mohammed, father of 38 children who previously called on the government to provide resources for his family. “The more Muslims grow, the more their enemies will fear them… Muslims should go for more and more children,” he said.

Zeba A Sathar, Country director for UN population council said this can be prevented if women were given the right to birth control or contraceptives. 

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