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Tiger Woods arrested

Former World No.1 golfer Tiger Woods was arrested with news emerging that the star golfer was found  asleep behind the wheel when he was arrested in Florida. Reports says that he was unaware as to where he was and that his black Mercedes was damaged on the front and rear bumper with a broken tail light and flat tyre on the driver’s side.

However he was not under the influence of alcohol, the reports said since the breathalyser test showed a mere 0.00 twice . The toxicology report is awaited which would take two to three weeks to arrive. He did not have a accident or hit record since 2009 when the news emerged about his alleged relationship with another woman cheating on his wife. 

There are four directions in which this case can travel – regular DUI offense; can file for more severe charges; seek a lesser charge, such as reckless driving; or not bring any charges at all.

In Florida, first-time DUI offenders can face up to six months in jail, a year of probation, $1,000 in fines and fees, 12 hours of DUI School and 50 hours of community service apart from suspension of license for 6 months. In Florida, alcohol limit of .08 is the legal limit. This might work in favour of 14 time major champion.

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