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Tiller Village in Oregon State of America is available for 25 Crore INR

In United State of America Tiller is a village, Oregon State. This village is classified as unincorporated area that means the area is not ruled by a local governing organization.

Previously entire village was on sale for 3.85 million dollar.  25 core in INR.


In the village, there is a school, six homes, and a empty general store with a gas pump. The area is 250 acres.

Up to now Chinese developers and people are fascinated in structuring a senior care facility in Tiller Village.

Tiller village is set in rocky land; it is about an hour far from Crater Lake National Park in the south of Oregon.

In Real Estate website Tiller village is on sale.

The place offers great prospect for investors as village is divided in 13-acre sectors.

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