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Timelessness with OBEETEE

OBEETEE, one of the oldest hand-made luxury rug makers from India, has been at the forefront of creating trends; from hand knotting and hand tufting carpets to creating designs that are timeless. Designers and aficionados are happily blending an antique carpet with an edgy coffee-table and contemporary fabrics that creates a distinct edge. OBEETEE’s hand-woven heritage rugs bring an ambience so captivating that they catch you in the interlude of poetic harmony of their design. These traditional rugs create ambience of luxury and comfort at the cutting edge of design, to any interior they are used in, may it be modern, classic or traditional.

It is not just the seasoned and the connoisseurs who are driving this trend, but also the young and the experimental who are bringing this classic style in their homes again. It brings a graceful distinctive look that defines warmth and panache while adding on uniqueness to your interiors. 

Rekhta & Nizam collections, OBEETEE’s offering, are a line of rugs that is vintage inspired with modern functionality. Rekhta collection is a melange of myriad colours, fibres and inspirations synthesized into a unique design palate. Floral and geometrical elementsintricately blended to form soothing yet imperious patterns.

Rekhta Collection is a medley of myriad colours, fibres and inspirations synthesized into a unique design palate. The floral and geometrical elements blend intricately to form soothing yet imperious patterns. The allure of ‘Rekhta’ lies in the authentic Turkish knotting technique adapted by the skilled Indian craftsman. The silk used in this collection is recycled hence the understated sheen.The carpets are all hand-knotted using different vegetable dyed wool and finest silk fetched from bespoke sources.

Nizam Collection is an exclusive blend of New Zealand wools creates unusual luster while the rich jewel tones compliment the royal patterns of Meshed, Isphahan, Kashan and Kermanshah. The antique rugs feature a primary “broken border” in a technique originating in central Persia. The rugs attractiveness lies in its simplicity. Ethereal in essence, the true charm of these classically inspired carpet lie in its inspired color palette.

The collections are a blend of contemporary, custom and influenced by a variety of periods— creating a feel that is rich in texture, functional and effortless. The fine and beautiful traditional rugs features intricate details that are repeated throughout to create a single unified piece. Bright, fiery floral or traditional Persian designs weave within each other in modern hues, tones and layouts, flashing in vivid spice colors and jewel tones against a stygian or contrast background that highlights and accentuates the forms present. They bear testament to the great dynasties that have walked the face of this earth.

Step into the antique glory as OBEETEE lets you recreate a new magnificence in your home with its Rekhta and Nizam collections.  


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