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Tips for healthy ears in summers

Ear problems that are triggered by everything from swimming to loud music. Taking good care of ears in the summers becomes all the more important. 

1. Don’t go overboard cleaning your ears

2. Treating swimmer’s ears: Swimmer’s ear is caused by any number of common bacteria found in lakes, hot tubs, and pools.

3. Piercing only on the lobe area: Experts recommends sticking with the lobe area, which has a good blood supply to fight infection. Piercing up the curve goes into cartilage, which has a shortage of blood and where a serious infection can get going and not leave.

4. Plane proof your ears: chew, yawn, swallow — anything to move the pressure around when landing. Don’t let your child remain asleep during landings. If they cry at the landing — that is a good thing. It is equalizing pressure.”


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