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Tips for traveling for long hours in buses

Though travelling is fun and good, many do not like to travel on buses for long. This is mainly due to motion sickness and uncomfortable seating/sleeping arrangement.

The trick to a positive long-distance bus trip is to be prepared. If you’re not, you may walk away feeling miserable, tired, and resentful. There may be some pain involved, and it’ll eat up your time. But it is cheap, and when you’re traveling long-term, saving money is key.

1. Don’t rush out and buy a ticket without some thought and planning. In fact, you should check multiple places and companies to buy tickets from. Choose the most convenient location to board the bus

2. Make sure you know what type of bus you are booking. It’s a good idea to scope out the buses before you buy your ticket. Look for the ones that appear to be clean and in good repair

3. Some travelers are not comfortable with arriving in a new city in the middle of the night. One solution is to take an overnight bus, this way you arrive in the morning and you also save on the cost of a hostel stay



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