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Tips on increasing the life of your clothes

Let us all admit it that buying new clothes is not always an easy affair. So why not put some efforts in increasing the longevity of our clothes and saving some extra bucks 😉 The tips that we are going to share in this article will surely help you do the same, and in a way also help you in keeping your favourite and special piece of clothing new-like for a very long time so that you don’t have to discard it soon.

  1. Check the washing instructions: Every time you buy a new clothe, check the washing instruction on its label. Certain clothes are meant for only dry cleaning, while rest can be hand washed. So be careful to check it for every clothe and keep it in mind before cleaning them
  1. Practice good hygiene: While it is not mandatory to wash your clothes after every wash, but you should not skip it too often too. If you get sweat patches on your clothes, then don’t just dry them and wear them again without washing. Use basic sense of hygiene and give those clothes a good wash after a long use. Also, remember to treat stains as early as possible to get off the mark easily
  1. Iron with care: Just like washing instructions, your dress’s label has ironing instructions as well. While some clothes do not really need iron every time you wear them, while some need to be ironed very gently.
  1. Right storage: Storing your clothes correctly is very important. You should not stack up those clothes in the wardrobe that have been worn once or more. Remember to hang them on a hanger and keep it in a open and dry space.
  1. Dye for a new life: Before discarding any of your dress think if dying it would bring back a new life to it. Most often we discard clothes because it starts looking dull or discoloration. In this case, you might give dying a fair chance.
  1. Do your makeup before wearing your dress: Always remember to wear your dress after your makeup to avoid makeup stains, etc.
  1. Don’t wash after every use: Some of you might be in a habit of washing your dress after you wear it every single time, be it even for an hour. You should be practical and think wisely if it is really required. Washing clothes too frequently tend to make them look dull, hence wash it only when it is required.

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