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Tips to lose weight faster in summer season

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Each summer weight loss becomes an incredible topic to discuss. Everyone wants to lose weight rapidly. In summer months, the body craves beverages and cold foods more. These automatically fill up our frequent hunger pangs. If you’re someone wishing to shed extra kilos rapidly, make the best of it in summer time! There are several ultimate weight loss tips

Add to that our tendency to drink more and more water during the day, which automatically fills us up and eliminates frequent hunger pangs.So if you’re someone wanting to shed kilos quickly, make the most of summer time! Some dietary habits can help you achieve your ideal body weight during the summers. Below are the listed tips to shed weight in summer season.

  • Stay hydrated

The sooner you lose weight the quickest you get in shape. Everyone wants to look young and evergreen. During summer its important to keep yourself hydrated by changing your food habits, followed by coconut water, aampanna, kanji and lemon water. You should consume lots of water during summer. You should not consume more sugar this season. Keeping yourself hydrated could give you healthy and energetic mood and you will surely shed extra kilos faster.

  • Summer veggies for meal

Summer vegetables such as brinjal, bitter gourd, cucumber etc are healthy foods. They are low in calories; hence including them daily in your diet would help you lose weight quickly. These vegetables are good to beat the heat in summers and also promote weight loss.

  • Squeeze of lemon

Adding lemon water in your daily routine during summer is very beneficial. Lemon consists of vitamin C and it reduces the stress level. Lemon also contains polyphenols that promotes to reduce weight rapidly.

  • Add lots of salad in your diet

Vegetables and greens are tremendous sources of satiating protein and fiber. However, it can also promote protein from lean meats such as chicken or turkey. For addition to this, you should add handful of walnuts and almonds to your salad. This will give healthy nutrients such as omega-3s, magnesium and protein. Green vegetables play an excellent role to reducing weight quickly.

  • Go for overnight oat

If you are looking for anything refreshing and cold to start your day, then try overnight oats. A bowl of weight provides high fiber and will keep you rejuvenated all day long. This will promote to shed extra kilos and make you feel light and fresh!

  • Green tea: explores in summer

Drinking green tea is a surefire process to provide you antioxidants. This will promote to reduce weight and you will be saving calories as well. This will lead to rapid weight loss. Drink 5-6 cups of green tea in a day and stay healthy and fit always.

Besides all the above foods, grapefruits also reduced cholesterol level. You should have these fruits before meal. It will help to reduce weight quicker. You should have fresh fruits like berries, tropical fruits, watermelon during summer. This will help to boost your metabolism and make you feel rejuvenated whole day.

Another important thing is that you should make sure to add some healthy components in your diet. Never skip meal and eat foods in interval. This will promote your energy level. Instead of having heavy meal in a day, you can have meals in interval. Finally, the success of your summer weight loss will extensively depend on how you control your alcohol intake. Alcohol is rich in calories. So, sip your drink slowly and reduce alcohol intake, you will surely get the result faster. Flaunt your body by following these easy weight loss tips and enjoy the summer with the right diet plans.

By Dietitian Sheela Seharawat

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