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Tips to make your bedroom modern and luxurious

Tips to make bedroom modern and luxurious newspatrolling

When planning the interiors of the entire house, bedroom is given most importance as one tends to spend one third of the day in bed. Right from the design, to the furnishings that are used; this is the only space that is a perfect blend of stylish and chic. The most important thing is that the design should suit your taste and personality; therefore you must choose the textures, pieces and furniture that appeal to you and suit your personality the most. 

Layering and placing the pillows right. Less than 1/4th of the bed should be occupied with pillows. Arranging them height wise gives them a decorative and classy look.

Choose the right colors. Create a contrast between the colors and materials used in the bedroom. One can also adjust the lighting of the room to highlight textures and the most important details of the decoration.

Add mirrorsas a part of the décor. They are a great ally to expand the spaces especially tiny rooms. Another hack is to hang the curtains higher than usual i.e. two inches below the ceiling. This will let the drapes hang to the floor thus making the room appear bigger.

Go for wallpapers. They double up as a soft furnishing as well as a plush accessory and add to the overall look of the room thus making it look luxurious. 

Keep the floor empty, clean and in order. This may be considered as a cleanliness tip but keeping the floor clean gives the room a spacious look. Additionally, no matter how much one spends on furnishings, an untidy room will never look expensive.

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