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Sunday , 17 February 2019
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All the married couples know the importance of wedding bands or rings. Wedding rings are treated as the undying symbols of love. These rings do not have only the sentimental value but also carries the monetary value. The types of wedding band men choose often based on the gemstone and metal used for the ring.

titanium wedding ring

However, those who have a low budget, this can be a very difficult decision. Without any proper guidance, you will find that shopping for such rings can be confusing well; the smart buyers prefer to go for titanium wedding bands for men which is quite understandable. The unique property of the metal has made them the popular and great choice for the wedding rings.

Besides, these are lightweight, weighs only 1/3 as much as gold. You will never feel that you are wearing any rings. Previously, people when thinking about a wedding ring, they considered a gold ring as the best alternative. But that is not the situation in today’s modern men wedding rings market. The unique men’s tungsten wedding rings have gained much popularity as best wedding rings. These rings help them to reflect their way of life and personality.

Popular titanium band that you can choose

  1. Plain titanium wedding bands

The unadorned titanium wedding bands offer an amazing look and very appealing to anyone who doesn’t want an overly fussy band. Most of the time the bands come with decorative designs. In plain bands, you can go for braiding motifs or cross-hatching. You can find metal on black or silver color available from top designers. The titanium wedding bands for men can be created from various types of titanium. The 100 per cent pure titanium is slightly softer version. To make it stronger jeweler designers combine silicon or tin with this metal.

  1. Titanium made wedding bands with gemstones

You can choose a titanium wedding band carrying a gemstone for your wedding. Such rings are getting more popular, as you can choose the rings that will match with the bride’s wedding set. A very amazing and attractive wedding ring style is a bezel designed titanium band with diamonds.

Besides, the titanium rings look more modern and appealing than the traditional men’s wedding rings, i.e., gold or silver rings. Titanium rings are no shiny but popular among the men. You can add some sparkle using different precious and semi-precious gemstones. 

  1. Titanium ring with gold or silver coating

If you need a ring with more detailing, a titanium ring with gold and silver coating can be the perfect option for you. Such coatings add some more details to the basis titanium rings. Both silver and gold carry a higher luster than titanium. So, you can make the ring attractive without adding any gemstones. There are many different designs which you can easily find in the market such as a double band of gold, silver and black inlays. The inlays can come with plain, inscribed, full circle or in any geometric designs.

  1. Tungsten platinum carbide rings

Its eternal shine, indestructible and durable features have made this popular in the jewelry market. These unique men’s tungsten wedding rings look flawless and weigh more. You can even buy one with a lifetime guarantee.

Benefits of using titanium wedding rings

  • These are stronger than gold and silver wedding ring. They can easily resist the test of time, temperature and scratches.
  • Despite its hardness, it is lightweight. You will never feel burdened while wearing it.
  • They have hypoallergenic characteristics. These rings are best for sensitive skin.
  • These titanium wedding bands for men are affordable. But they don’t come under cheap products.
  • They have scratch free and non-corrosive characteristics.
  • They never lose the shine unlike other pieces of jewelry.

Today’s men desire titanium wedding-ring as they are strong and masculine. That’s why many online jewelry stores have started selling unique men’s tungsten wedding rings for such men.

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