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Thursday , 23 May 2019
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To buy Refurbished Products or Not, That is the Question

With Diwali comes the season of joy and festivities. Almost every family decides to replace the products of depreciating value. With this, they even keep a constant eye on discounts, bank offers, and much more just to save another penny from being wasted! Everyone looks for bargain and even retailers are ready to oblige, which is why the leading e-commerce websites make the most profits during this time.

Now for some products, these ‘attractive offers’ could really fetch you great savings but mostly, they are a trap! Then what are the other options? What could fetch you great deals on appliances and commodities like smartphones or even laptops? There’s an answer to it but we’re mostly unsure of it.

Refurbished products, or repaired/reconditioned products, are not only as good as the original product but can also save a great deal of money! Yes, the source matters and so are the following tips.

Follow these simple tips to ensure that you’re not burning a hole in your pocket anyway:

  1. Understand what makes a refurbished product different from the used products.

Regularly, a used item is something exchanged by an individual for cash or another product of the same value. Refurbished products, on the other hand, are more dependable and more qualified for mass or repeat sales, since it is renovated by an affirmed refurbisher and for the most part accompanies a guarantee.

Make a point to purchase from a reputed refurbishing setup. Do your exploration when picking a provider. Look at the customer reviews, star ratings and history to ensure that you are purchasing from a respectable provider.

  1. Read the warranty details carefully

Always evaluate the access policy including purchase protection and options for returns/exchanges. At the very least, the provider must offer replacement/refund option for a particular time period. In fact, there are websites claiming ‘100% money-back guarantee’ on their listed items. The policies must be standard no matter what category of products you are looking at, be it iPhones or Android or Dell/Apple Laptops,.

  1. In case of iPhones, buy only unlocked

Unlocked iPhone guarantees that you are not restricted to a particular network. Additionally, check the battery life. Ensure that the vender shows the battery condition.

  1. Know what you are getting

Most refurbished Laptops do not come with a display, an operating system (software like Windows 10), CD or DVD player, wireless network cards, sound cards and believe it or not, power cords. Get the specifics of what you are buying and figure out how much it will cost to add the necessary peripherals, hardware, and software to get your new PC running like you want. Ideally, the renowned refurbishers provide all the necessary components of every device they enlist on their website.

  1. Find out reputable refurbishers

There are numerous legitimate organizations offering repaired smartphones and laptops. A basic Google search on the keyword “refurbished Laptops” will turn up different proposals. In any case, focus on abovementioned key points before you choose any refurbisher. 

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