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Friday , 23 August 2019
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To make kids aware of sexual abuse, CBSE asks schools to screen Komal

The CBSE has directed schools to screen the short animation film Komal.

 The ‘Komal’ has won the national award in the category of Best Educational Film to create awareness among school children about inappropriate touch. 

“Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India, had commissioned the screening of Komal at all the schools and the film is uploaded and available at CBSE YouTube channel. The CBSE has informed schools vide Notification dated 24th October 2015 regarding this film before as well,” CBSE circular available on the board website.

Professor Nishtha Jaswal, member of the Chandigarh Commission for Protection of Child Rights (CCPCR), said, “We would certainly ensure that the schools should screen the film and with this, the commission has already been working hard to make sure that each child along with their parents are aware of the POCSO Act as only the awareness can stop the increasing sexual offences.”

“On Monday, the commission would be meeting and we would make sure that the education department follows the directions given by the CBSE. It has always been a big problem that the directions are left on paper only and not implemented. But, this time, we will ensure that the directions are followed so that not only the children but also the parents get sensitised about the issue. We will also hold a meeting with the education department over this.” she added.

Jaswal added, “The commission is also planning that before sensitising the children about sexual offences, parents, especially those living in colonies, should be sensitised so that the unfortunate incidents like that of the 10-year old would be avoided. We will even propose that the city cinema halls should also have awareness slides for this so that the awareness can reach the maximum strata of society.”

Meanwhile, the circular further states that the schools may download the film or stream it live from the links, preferrably at the time of the whole school assembly.

It is expected that the schools would ensure that every child of the school views this instructive and informative film so that they are in a better position to help and protect not just themselves but also their friends in any such situation.



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