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Today India to present Kulbhushan Jadhav case before International Court

Today the International Court of Justice initiated its hearing towards Indian national Kulbhushan Jadhav’s death verdict by Pakistan. This will be the very first case from India in the International Court trailed by Pakistan late in the day. Both sides India and Pakistan will get one and half hour to keep their case points.

Last month in April, Pakistan’s Military had given a verdict of death to Jadhav charging with spying and rebellious activities. On 8th May India interested against the death verdict claiming the violation of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations by Pakistan.

Kulbhushan Jadhav is a former Indian Navy official and held by Pakistan Military and he was suspected of spying and rebellious activities in the Balochistan, Pakistan. In the last month, he was given a verdict of death by the Pakistan Military.

India repudiated that Kulbhushan Jadhav has any link with the government and indicted that he was abducted from Iran, in Iran he was occupied with business activities after retiring from the army while Pakistan said that it detained Kulbhushan Jadhav from Balochistan in March last year.

On 8th May India on May 8 approached the International court to pursue impartiality for Kulbhushan Jadhav.

The day after on 9 May, International Court ordered the provisional postponement of the death verdict given to Kulbhushan Jadhav by Pakistan. After International Court’s temporary hold on the verdict, Pakistan listed strong disagreement International court’s order and said that Pakistan does not admit the international court’s authority to order.

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