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Toilets for 1 lakh madrassas under Government’s 3T formula

In an effort to revamp madrassas, the traditional learning centers of Muslims, the government has launched a new initiative which is based on a ‘3T formula’ – teachers, tiffin and toilets. The government has announced plans to build toilets in 1 lakh madrassas across the country. In addition, the government is planning to provide mid-day meal scheme at these educational centers. There are also plans to improve the skills of teachers working in madrassas. The announcements were made by Union Minister of State for Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi.

In his statement to the media, Naqvi said, “In the meetings, we have decided that the madrassas which are providing mainstream education or those that want to, we will help such madrassas on a big scale. And we have a formula of 3Ts — teachers, tiffins and toilets. And, under the ‘Swachh Bharat’ mission, we target to build toilets in one lakh such madrassas by end of the next financial year.”

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