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Top 14 powerful fruits to keep warm in winter


I am quite sure that you had heard about alcohol and spicy food are really effective to heat your body up but have you ever known that eating fruits also brings the same action as wine or peppers? In this winter, we recommend you a list of 14 powerful fruits to keep warm and also other amazing benefits for the health

1 Banana

Banana contains a high amount of sugar which utilize into energy and energy is the crucial key to keep warm in winter. Eating banana also provides many benefits, the potassium can lower the blood pressure and the fact is a banana can contain 442 mg potassium which equals to 12 percent of daily value for potassium. With the people who suffer from constipation, banana is an effective remedy for them due to a high content of dietary fiber.

2, Oranges

In winter, one of the most annoys things is common cold which makes a lot of troubles to our work and daily life activities. This winter, to wipe out the common cold out from your life, you should eat an orange every day. The secret in orange in fighting the common cold is vitamin C which accounts for a big part in this fruit. Vitamin C has the ability to boost up the immune system and it leads to make our body stronger to cope with the microorganism.

3, Pineapple

In pineapple, the scientist found out it contains a powerful anti- inflammation substance named bromelain which is very effective to treat a cough. Bromelain can suppress the allergic reaction which causes an asthma attack and cough. Pineapple is also rich in sugar, a quarter of a pineapple can provide 120 calories equals the number of calories in two eggs.

4, Apples

Apples are a great fruit for every day, especially for winter. Apple has a wide variety of good antioxidants which are able to prevent lung cancer together with an asthma attack that is easy to trigger in winter. Having an apple every day also increase your heart’s health by the ability to decrease the cholesterol level in blood. Apple is also a good fruit for diabetes people because of the high fiber in content so it can slow down the carbohydrate absorption then the blood sugar never goes to spike. You can make apple cider vinegar to cure skin tags.

5, Avocados

Avocado is really a perfect choice for your list of fruit you should eat in winter. An avocado consist of everything you need in winter, it has 234 calories, 2, 9- gram protein and especially is 21- gram healthy fat which is really effective to keep your body warm. Avocado also brings many good vitamins and mineral, which maintain the metabolism working properly.

6, Blueberries

Blueberry is a high energy fruit which is perfectly suitable for a cold day. A cup of blueberries provides 85 calories, an impressive number for a small fruit. Some recent research show a new benefit of blueberries in cognitive function, the people eat blueberries frequently have better memories than those people who don’t take blueberries.

7, Melon

The winter with dry air makes our body be dehydration but we hardly notice that. The dehydration fatigues us and also causes the damage to our skin. Melon contains mostly from water, which can be a good solution for the unaware dehydration. Moreover, the melon is very rich in vitamin A which is necessary to promote the vision.

8, Papayas

Papaya is a good supplement because of its rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, flavonoids, potassium, copper, and magnesium. The high content of antioxidant in papaya can prevent colon cancer and cardiovascular disease. Papain a digestive enzyme found in papayas acts as an anti allergy subsistence so papayas are certainly a good choice for the people who often have the cold allergy.

9, Lemon

Lemon is a good source of vitamin C that is able to boost up the immune system, protect you from common cold, flu or asthma. Drinking a lemon juice in the morning is one of the best ways to treat respiratory infections and cleanse the poisonous substance from the liver.

10, Guava

In Asia, guava is seen as a godlike fruit which can be used to treat and prevent many diseases. Guava has more content of vitamin C four times than orange, vitamin C acts as an antioxidant which promotes the immune system. Guava flesh is also rich in insoluble fiber which slows down the carbohydrate digestion, which is particularly beneficial for the diabetes people. Guava’s skin can satisfy any sweet tooth people by its own delicious taste and a high content of sugar.

11, Peaches

Peach is a good source of vitamins and mineral, which maintain the metabolism working properly. Peach is also rich in dietary fiber that prevents constipation.

12, Mangos

Mango has a high amount of carbohydrate which can easily transform into energy and the energy can be used to keep the body warm. Mango is also rich in vitamin A which promotes the vision and protects the eyes from aging process.

13, Grapes

Grape is one of the perfect fruits in winter. Containing high sugar content, the grapes can provide energy quickly to the body to cope with the cold weather. Grapes also contain a precious substance named flavonoid quercetin which is able to decrease the prevalence of atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases.

14, Tangerines

Tangerine has a rich content of vitamin C which gives protection for our health. Adding tangerine in the daily menu can brings surprised health benefit that you can’t imagine. 

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