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Top 5 conspiracy theories associated with climate change

conspiracy theories associated with climate change

 In the previous year, representatives from 150 countries were sent to Paris to figure out ways to monitor the global climatic change. After which the deniers of climate change have started to whip conspiracy theories associated with climate change. Listed below are some such theories, which give no real reason to believe in their accuracy but they surely agitate your thinking.

  1. Gas-consuming cars pollute the environment lesser than Tesla cars: The contemplation behind this is electricity that is being consumed by the Tesla cars is coming from power plants that function under natural gas or coal. This theory is completely misunderstood as the amount of carbon released by these plants is a tiny proportion of the emissions from vehicles that run on gasoline.
  2. The changes taking place in the climate are natural: The people seem to be living in a state of denial when it comes to climate change. The excuses that are churning up to avoid discussions on climate change are that the Carbon Dioxide level was already high before humans even existed while ignoring the fact about burning down the fossil fuels over the course of time.
  3. The scientists working on climatic change are lying: Some anonymous emails were leaked to convince the people that almost all the scientist working on climate change are conniving climate change theories to blame humans. These orchestrated cover ups were then made lucid after all the scientist working on the matter went under some tests by the independent panels.
  4. The acidification of the ocean isn’t real: Acidification of ocean isn’t science but a method to grab those federal dollars for research. Although, the acidification process is not uniform around the world, but the threats are for sure real. For example, in Washington some of the industries are ruining due to a decrease in the oyster population. Ocean acidification can never be a falsified as it proved that water absorbs the maximum amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere which results in hydrogen ions formation leading to the drop in pH levels.
  5. The climatic change deniers will be put to jail: Exxon Mobil will probably be prosecuted by the New York Attorney General for holding back information from their shareholders even after spending decades researching about the effects of carbon dioxide on the atmosphere formed from fossil fuels. This theory has been manipulated to spread the rumors that the deniers of climate change are being executed.

These theories run the scale from intriguing to totally insane ideas in covering up the political agendas behind climate changing theories.

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