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Top 5 countries that will soon run out of drinkable water

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With the threats of our resources running short, shortage of potable water is topping the list. While some countries have adopted desalination methods to get their water purified, some are about to hit below the belt. With water wars are edging these top 5 countries that are listed here will suffer the maximum in recent years.

  1. South Africa: Topping the list of the countries that will soon run out of water is South Africa. Cape town housed abundant natural resources is now in the edge to run out of water entirely. The region is about to get affected by drought conditions that will last for more than three years followed by the dramatic drop in water levels everywhere in the country.
  2. Cambodia: In Cambodia, the conditions have started to worsen as 4 million people do not have access to drinkable water and 2 million people are not getting superior sanitation. This is the outcome of shortage in natural resources and not poverty. Although, after identifying the crisis Cambodia has done its best to fight the situation for 15 years now, but the scenario is degrading for the poorest.
  3. India: With the upper section of the society everything is poised and polished, India houses the maximum number of people who do not get potable water supplies. The cost of one litre of a water bottle in India is ranging between Rs. 15-20. According to studies, 5% of the country that is 75.8 million people are buying water at higher rates or are forced to use contaminated water supplies.
  4. Iran: The largest water source of Iran was Lake Urmia that has now completely dried out. Though the Environment Department of Iran is trying to protect the lake and taking necessary measures to maintain the water level, the country is still facing drought conditions. The scarcity of water in Iran is taken up as a national issue now.
  5. China: China lost its wetlands to built their infrastructure and fight the upcoming challenges of global warming. About 340,000 sq km wetland has been contracted which has left its population in a state of bewilderment about the water crisis. These wiping out of the water providing lands can lead to serious consequences like extreme poverty, disease, deaths, lights out, etc.

We need to take the upcoming challenges because of the water crisis seriously and stop wasting water before it gets too late. Countries need to find ways to develop methods and technologies in treating and re-using the water.

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