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Top Army Generals miraculously survive helicopter crash in Ladakh

In a miraculous escape, two top Army Generals luckily survived after their helicopter crashed in Ladakh. The incident occurred today at Tsogstalu in Eastern Ladakh. The helicopter crashed after the pilot experienced control-related issues. Miraculously, the two Army Generals survived the crash and other members inside the helicopter were also safe. Only some of them have reported minor injuries. On board the helicopter were Lt General Upadhya and Major General Savneet Singh. Upadhya heads the Indian Army’s 14 Corps based in Leh whereas Singh commands the Army’s 3 Infantry Division based in Karu, which is around 40 kilometers from Leh. 

It’s good to know that both Generals are safe along with the pilots and other Army officials. The Army’s 14 Corps is an important formation of the strategic defense system and it is responsible for defending the Siachen glacier to the North and the Ladakh front to the East. It implies that the 14 Corps defends threats from both Pakistan and China. The Army has ordered an inquiry into the helicopter crash. The helicopter that crashed was the indigenously developed Dhruv helicopter. The Dhruv helicopter has the ability to operate at high altitudes. However, the Dhruv helicopter has recorded many problems in the past as well.

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