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Tuesday , 18 June 2019
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Top categories from the varieties of Men’s Jewelry

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Much like women, men are also inclined towards wearing jewelry so nonchalantly.  When we talk about “men’s jewelry,” we’re pointing on all the add-on accessories after their outfit: watches. So, let’s check out them:

  1. Watch– A watch is considered a status symbol. Wearing a proper watch, keeping it proportional to your wrist size is simultaneously classy and functional. A watch consisting of a leather strap is a perfect match for any occasion be it formal or casual, whereas a watch with a metal band is suitable for formal events.
  2. Rings – Rings are of various types with various designs like decorative rings, class rings, wedding rings, fraternal rings, and championship rings. It’s your choice to choose the count. But, be cautious with the potential result on which finger the ring is worn on.
  3. Shirt Studs and Cufflinks – Shirt studs and cufflinks are jewelry pieces that keep the cuffs and front of a dress shirt in place. Shirt studs are commonly used with black tie attire, whereas cufflinks need French or double cuffs only.  Cufflinks made up of precious metals in simple designs are the most formal, while other cufflinks having a novelty design is more for fun.
  4. Bracelets– Bracelets can be decorative, functional, and medical related. Leather, or wooden bracelets pair’s best with casual and business outfits. Metal bracelets lie at the more formal end. You can club 2 or 3 casual bracelets to get a different look. But, keeping one at a time, and matching them to your watch and any other metals worn gives you an extravagant look.
  5. Necklaces – Necklaces are worn for functional, decorative, medical, or religious purposes. It should be a subtle match to your overall outfit and personality. These easy pieces of jewelry made of different metals like gold, silver, platinum, wood, hybrid, etc, can be hidden under the clothing. About length and number to be worn, it depends on the purpose. 
  6. Earrings –One of the hardest types of jewelry for a man to wear are earrings. They can draw a lot of attention on your face.  For people belonging to the more professional background, do check with your office rules and regulations on wearing earrings in the office. Whereas, others can pull it off non-formally.
  7. Other Piercings – Men also have other piercings in their brow, nose, and other. The jewelry associated with these have not reached mainstream acceptance, but there are cities and cultures where this type of fashion is normal.

Jewelry can be worn in any way, but the one worn properly adds a great complement to your outfit and personality.

By: Tanya Anand Founder at

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