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Thursday , 20 June 2019
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Top health benefits of hugging

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You will surprise to know that hugging is a powerful medicine of healing. Many therapists say that we need at least four to eight hugs for maintaining our survival and growth.  If you hug your family, friends or any beloved person at least four times a day then it’s definitely going to bring some positive changes to your life medically.

 Below you will find some of the researched benefits of hugging someone deeply and their surprising impact on our health

  1. Stress Buster

Hugging someone whom you love is a form of emotional intimacy. According to the reports in 2015, many therapists said that those who often hug or get hugged by someone has more a unique optimistic sense through which he or she can assume where or where not they can fit socially. As a result, they went into an easy environment where they can reduce their stress and behave freely.

  1. Muscle relaxing Therapy

It is a muscle relaxing activity by which you feel a sensation of relaxation and a loose body. When you hug someone, you release almost all your tensions and attain a condition of relaxed muscles and mind.

  1. Immune system booster

When your muscles get relaxed by hugging someone your immune system starts working in a positive way. Your oxytocin levels get boosted and you feel happy and healthier.  Serotonin levels also hike while hugging which elevates your mood and reduces anger. All these positive effects lead a person to develop a better immune system to fight against any common diseases.

  1. Protection against Heart Diseases

You will surprise to know that hugging is a dose which can protect you from various types of heart diseases. After hugging your beloved one your heart rate lowered down and reduces the cortical level. Cortical is a hormone has elements of increasing your stress which could affect your health. So, hugging decrease its secretion and prevents the wreck havoc to your heart.

  1. Reduces anxiety

Hugging also releases hormones like dopamine which controls the brain’s reward centers and pleasures. Many people suffer from mental disorders like degenerative disorders, depression etc which brings down the dopamine production. But when you hug someone the hormone level increases and reduces the anxiety.

  1. Help to fight against fear

According to the article published in Psychological Science, hugs can help someone to increase his or her self-esteem and fight against their fear. The transfer of positive energy from one person to other through hugging gives a feeling of self-confidence and motivation.

  1. Pain reliever

Do you know? When you hug someone, your body releases endorphins which increase blood circulation in soft tissues. It blocks the pathways of the pain and gives someone a feeling of relaxation.

So, a hug is a simple and magical activity which can bring you out of many medicals issues. Hug people with their consent without any push to them. And there you will how a small activity can bring a big transformation in your life.

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