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Top humane/ non-lethal ways to get rid of ants


Nobody loves an ant invasion in their house and more often than not we tend to seek potentially harmful ways to get rid of them. While ants are important to the environment in many more ways than we can ever imagine, they can transform into pests by invading your house in search of shelter and food. Taking pest control can be one way to deal with it; however, in this article we will discuss some typical things that you can use to get rid of ants.

  1. Vinegar: The ants are found to be communicating through sound waves or use pheromones to leave trails for their colony to find. Therefore, you can use white vinegar to disrupt these trails. For doing this you will need white vinegar, water and a clean cloth. Wipe down the entrances which you suspect the ants might be entering into your house through with the amalgamation of white vinegar and water. Do not forget to spray the solution over the kitchen counter tops and near the food storage area. This will definitely interrupt their trail and will make it harder for them to travel back to the source of food.
  2. Honey or sugar solution: This is one of the easiest and trickiest ways to get rid of ants. You can simply use the concept of diversion to make your place ant-free. Now if you are wondering is this really going to work? Let us tell you the exact way to do it. Take a small paper bowl with some honey or sugar solution in it. Place it in a place outside your house. Make sure not to place the bowl too far away for the ants to even locate it. Once the pot has been discovered, keep shifting it further away and further away from your house.
  3. Essential oil: Strong smell messes up with the smell of the ant pheromones and they are unable to communicate with their colony. Take a few drops of essential oil mixed with water and spray it along all the entrances to the house. Now, when the ants try to enter to your house they will literally have to crawl through the heavy smell of the essential oil, which will ultimately deplete their connection with their mates thereby disturbing their trail to find food. Repeat the spraying process whenever you notice the smell is starting to fade away.

We are positive that these above-mentioned ways will help you get rid of ants for good.  

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