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Top Stories That Made Headlines This World Cup Season

After 2019 elections galvanized the entire country, the focus has shifted to yet another spectacle that always excites us and rekindles our nationalistic fervour. Yes, it’s the ICC World Cup 2019, which has once again got us infected with the cricket fever. The most prestigious tournament in the cricket world has been in the news for quite some time and now the excitement is nearing its peak, as teams fight to reach the finals. The frenzy among cricket fans is clearly evident, as lakhs of supporters log in every day to watch the matches and catch the latest online news and updates. To understand how things have progressed over the last few months, here are some of the top stories that made headlines this World Cup season.

Punters declare England as favourites: Bookies are often right in their predictions and this time around the team most likely to win the ICC Cricket World Cup, is England. The second favourite is India, followed by defending champions Australia. However, there is never a 100% certainty and bookies have been wrong in the past. So, be careful before placing your bets. Keep track of online news stories to get a better idea about which team has the most potential to win the 2019 cricket World Cup. Did you know,  betting on sporting events is completely legal in the UK?

ICC announces USD 4 million for winning team: In 2019 World Cup, ICC has announced prizes worth a total of USD 10 million. Winners will be getting USD 4 million, which is almost equal to Rs 28 crore. This is the highest ever prize money announced in ICC World Cup history. The team that loses the finals will also be quite rich, as they will be making USD 2 million. The two semi-finalists will be getting $ 800,000 each.

Last World Cup for cricketing legends: As reported via online news sources, this will be the last World Cup for many cricket superstars. Key players that may not play in the next World Cup include Mahendra Singh Dhoni (India), Chris Gayle (West Indies), Dale Steyn (South Africa), Ross Taylor (New Zealand) and Lasith Malinga (Sri Lanka). For these players, the 2019 World Cup would be an emotional moment and something to be cherished for a lifetime.

West Indies fails direct qualification: This is the first time in the history of West Indies cricket that the nation has failed to qualify directly for the World Cup. As a result, they were forced to play for the World Cup qualifiers that were held in 2018. Online news stories reveal that former cricketers of West Indies and cricket fans were quite disheartened with this development.

Zimbabwe fails to qualify: Zimbabwe has been participating in the World Cup since 1983, but they failed to qualify for 2019 World Cup. This is a great disappointment for Zimbabwe cricket fans and also a wakeup call for the team to improve their game.

England becomes the highest World Cup hosting country: This is the fifth time that England & Wales will be hosting the cricket World Cup. With this, they have become the nation to host the highest number of World Cup tournaments. Earlier, the cricket World Cup was held in England in the year 1975, 1979, 1983 and 1999.

As the World Cup season progresses towards the grand finale, we can expect many more interesting stories in the coming days. To keep abreast of the developments, make sure you get the latest online news and updates about 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup with online news on ZEE5.

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