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Trackers and biometrics in weapons to eliminate Naxals

The government is planning to utilize advanced technology systems to eliminate Naxals. Some of the proposed technologies to be used include advanced tracking devices for weapons and biometric identification for guns. The idea was proposed by Home Minister Rajnath Singh during a meeting of chief ministers of Naxal-hit states. “We know that left wing extremists mostly use looted weapons. In order to prevent this, it would be advisable to have trackers in weapons, biometrics in smart gun triggers,” Rajnath said.

A tracker can be secretly fitted in weapons, allowing security forces to track it down in the event it is lost or looted by Naxals. Such trackers are extremely small and difficult to remove without proper tools. These can also be fitted to bullet-proof vests, shoes, etc. which are also often looted by Naxals. On similar lines, guns with biometric identification can be provided to security forces, which would ensure that only authorized personnel would be able to use such guns.

Other technologies being considered include high resolution PTZ cameras, GPS tracking, hand-held thermal imaging, radar, satellite imaging etc. These would act as force multipliers and give security forces an edge over Naxals.

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