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Friday , 19 April 2019
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Traditional Cuisine meets Innovation to Create Delightful New Flavors at Tamra

Tamra is an award-winning, multi-cuisine restaurant, specializing in the culinary delights from Europe, China, Japan, Thailand and India. It’s more like five different restaurants under the same roof, where you can get a wide variety of choices in terms of food and drinks. Tamra is one of the few restaurants where you can experience the entire world on your platter. Tamra is a vibrant, lively place, as the interactive kitchens allow you to witness the culinary magic being created by the master chefs.

Tamra in Sanskrit means Copper, which is the primary theme of the restaurant. One of the USPs of Tamra is that here you can experience the perfect confluence of traditional cuisine and innovation. If you want to be delighted with a plethora of global flavors and aromas and make your dining experience a memorable event, Tamra is where you need to be.

Food & Drinks – Tamra’s menu features a range of delectable delights from European, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Indian cuisine. Some of the most popular items include grilled specialties from East Asia, wholesome tandoori dishes from Central Asia, juicy meaty treats from Europe and various curries and biryanis. Tamra is primarily a buffet restaurant, offering various options to customers such as breakfast, lunch, kid’s lunch, and dinner buffet. For a more elaborate affair, customers can try the exquisite Sunday Brunch at Tamra, which is also based on the ‘world on a platter’ concept. 

At the Sunday Brunch at Tamra, you can experience the live Biryani Bar that serves 4 different types of Biryanis, California maki rolls, spicy tuna sushi and ebi tempura, among other delectable delights. In the Asian Oriental section, you can experience an array of flavorful dishes including dim sums. In the Indian section, you can try various regional dishes from Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, etc. For desserts, you can try a range of chocolate-based delights. Tamra also features a vast array of drinks including cocktails, mocktails, whisky, vodka, rum, beer, tequila, cognac, various wines and champagne.

Ambience – Tamra’s expansive interiors provide a royal, luxurious space, making is suitable for an immersive experience with your loved ones. The decor is characterized by traditional items such as rolling pins, jute, and antique lamps and shades as well as modern sophistication created by laminate walls and floors and contemporary seating paraphernalia. The wide windows allow an abundance of sunlight, which makes the entire area bristle with riveting energy. 

Service – Tamra offers the best-in-class service, as can be expected from a 5-star buffet restaurant. 


  • Monday to Sunday: 6: 30 AM to 12:00 Midnight 


  • 19 Ashoka Road, Connaught Place, New Delhi, 110 001

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