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Traditional vs Modern Dating

There is an ongoing debate that in the past everything was way better than it is today. The grass was greener, the sun was brighter, the air was cleaner, you’ve heard it all before. But what people mostly like to compare the dating etiquette of the past and the present day. So, let’s check out how much modern dating differs from its past counterpart. By the way, by figuring out how much modern rules of dating changed, you can easily tell who is complaining.


What definitely has changed is the way we get to know each other. Previously, you’d know personally the one you were about to ask for a date. According to modern day dating rules, you are most likely to get acquainted with the person online. No, it mustn’t be online dating service, it can be Facebook. There are certain advantages of it because you are no longer limited to the tight circle of personal acquaintances. On the other hand, because of the number of people online, you are most likely to have no thrill of the possibility of refusal, but, in the end, everything depends on your individuality.

Arranging the Date

Previously, the arrangements of the date were man’s responsibility. Nowadays, it is quite okay when you ask your girlfriend what kind of date she would like. Of course, girls can complain that men lack the imagination, but isn’t it better to get what you want instead of relying on your boyfriend imagination? Think about it, your boyfriend may be a big baseball fan, which is non of your interest, and for him, the perfect date would be taking you to a baseball match. Would you enjoy a date like that? Getting what you want is yet another one of the advantages of modern dating.

Paying for Dinner

According to traditional dating, man always pays for dinner. Not that it is against modern dating rules, but it is quite okay to go Dutch nowadays. In many countries couple continue to split the bill in two even after their initial dating period is over. But mind that your going Dutch should never transfer into your girlfriend constantly paying for you. If you want traditional dating to remain buried, it is better to stick with splitting the bill in two, because making your girlfriend paying for you can easily bring traditional dating from the dead.

Rules to Remember if You Want to Succeed in Modern Dating

Considering everything mentioned above it is quite easy to jump to the conclusion that modern dating has no flaws at all. Unfortunately, there are a few possible drawbacks, which you can easily avoid by following next rules. While online dating gives you the possibility to date anyone from anywhere, it is important to go on actual dates. Whenever you have a possibility to ask someone out – go for it. It is quite easy to stuck in the online world if you allow the multiple choice to full you. You will end up chatting with thousands of people without any further development. You should also try arranging dates on your own from time to time, and offer to pay for the dinner from time to time.


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