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Train hacks in Indian Railway

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In India, train is one of the most inexpensive and popular mode of transportation not only for its vast connecting networks but also for pocket affable tickets. End numbers of travellers have a preference of their journey via train. Every day, huge number of people struggle for train tickets, some stand up in a long line to authenticate their tickets, some prefer digitalized alternative for it. 

In the over-crowded trains in India, getting a reservation seat is tough and emergency ticket quota like “Tatkal” gets booked in few minutes of eye opening. Do you know Train journey in India presents you funny, spick and span and impressive experiences? Following are some of the few train hacks which can be useful in your train journey:

Early tickets booking: No one wants to call off their journey unless and until a severe issue. You have serious plans for you journey and the date is also confirmed then the best thing could be for your journey is booking tickets early on. If you want to reduce tension and necessary costs then book tickets early so that you do not have to fall in RAC, Waiting list passengers’ lists or going after TTE for a berth. Do not overlook the matter of checking PNR Status and train running time of your journey.  

Pack smartly: Packing belongings is one of hard-hitting jobs in travelling. So, you can roll your clothes as a replacement for folding. Why? This will increase space in bags and it can ultimately lessen number of your bags. Try ‘Less Luggage More comfortable’.

Copy of Wallet: There are many chances to lose things as trains are crowded. So, for your advantage, carry a fake wallet or dummy wallet with older business cards and small amount of money. This is one of the best tips to fool robbers.

Wi-Fi: Try to use Railways Wi-Fi as Indian Railways has started free Wi-Fi services in foremost stations in India. Make a use of railways Wi-Fi for half an hour and save mobile data so that you can enjoy your mobile data later.

Say No to Chicken: Yes, vegetarian food helps you to feel healthier in journey as you can consume fresher and healthier food. It will cause no other problems.

Night Journey: It is the better option if you are travelling to far away. Most of the trains that run in the night have a lesser amount of fare when compared to trains that run in day. You can also sleep and as a result you will not feel much tired.

Know Others: Make friends; or just start off a conversation with your co passenger and up to TTE. This will build your journey more comfortable and pleased. 

Charger: Always carry a 3-pin plug so that you can charge your mobile phones or laptops whenever it necessary. 

Take Helps: Once you reached your destination and if you want direction for the place never ask Auto Wala. It is better to enquire with the local shopkeepers, street vendors or traffic police for dependable answers. 

These are a small number of train hacks so that you can enjoy your train journey fully and pleasingly.

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