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TrainMe, The Uber for Fitness app offers first two sessions free

The fitness app offers two trial sessions for Mumbaikars who want to follow the path to a fitter self~

 November 2018: TrainMe, a mobile application that offers fitness trainers at half an hour’s notice at a time and place of the customer’s convenience, is offering two trial sessions before purchasing the training package.

Started by Ramesh Gajria, TrainMe uses a type of workout called the Kynamax workout which is using resistance bands’ training. TrainMe provides two trial sessions for fitness enthusiasts who would like to try out the fitness regime followed by TrainMe first.

The fitness regime that is designed by Huzefa Lokhandwala – the fitness legend, combining elements of muscle building, stamina, basic fitness, weight loss to develop an effective routine for the user.

How does TrainMe work?

The mobile application may be downloaded through iOS App Store or the Google Play Store, and using this, the member can schedule an appointment through their individual profile.

  • Step 1 – download the app
  • Step 2 – create your own profile by keying in important statistics such as weight, height and fitness goal
  • Step 3 – book an appointment at any place of the user’s convenience such as home, office or anywhere else
  • Step 4 – Closest and most appropriate fitness associate is deputed for the session
  • Step 5 – The app engine accordingly sets a custom workout routine and the trainer allocated for that workout can automatically view the individual’s workout routine as well as past trainers’ observations on his or her partner application

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